Stickers Emojis For The Wedding Guest Book

Every bride and groom wants to remember her special day for the rest of her life, and what better way to commemorate the big day than with gorgeous instant photos of your guests?
Instax cameras are hot on trend for weddings right now, and more couples are using them on their wedding day as a fun, unique and affordable way to create lasting memories.
For the perfect Photo guestbook setup, choose your favorite Instax camera and film, accompany with these funny and lovely stickers to add a couple of these on the Instant photo guest book pages!.
These funny and cute little stickers will help your guests to add a bit of fun to the Instant Photo guestbook message! They are like emojis that most of us use for messaging.

On the one page are 102 unique design stickers. 


The stickers are transparent, so they will match with all colors of pages!


Some stickers are repeated, so that your guests can use as many stickers as possible to stick on the guest book pages, because most popular stickers are often repetitive in messages :) 
You can place them on the photos too! Stickers are easily removable from the page in case you have changed your mind and want to replace with another one.

On the sticker page is a short instruction: 
"Take a instax picture and write a message in the Guest book! Use these lovely stickers to add a bit of sparkles to a Guest book message. Have a drink and go to dance . Enjoy a meal and music. Don’t forget to taste the wedding cake."


Our recomendations how many sticker pages you would need:

- until 50 guests - 5 pages
- until 80 guests -8 pages
- until 100 guests - 10 pages
- until 120 guests -13 pages
- until 150 guests - 15 pages
- until 200 guests - 20 pages

So place the guestbook on the table together with the Instant camera and sticker pages. The instruction on the sticker pages will guide them and they will know what to do :) We hope you will have an amazing guestbook for many years to remember!



It takes 1-2 business days to make a box or album + 2-4 weeks shipping time with standart shipping. 

If you need it faster and your order is rush:
-choose DHL EXPRESS SHIPPING, or buy DHL EXPRESS shipping update

and then delivery time will be 4-7 days


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